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Water Polo Plays and Drills

Last update : 11-04-2014

Water polo playbook 011
We are in the final stages of beta testing water polo playbook version 011, if you are interested and understand the risks of beta software please have a look at the playbook beta page.
Note: If you buy or bought waterpolo playbook version 010 after the 1st of July 2013 you will be able to upgrade for free to version 011 when it becomes available. For more information about upgrading see our upgrade policy.

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Open the center drive by : Chris Falkenrath
Center shot around the world by : Luther Weidner
Relay by : Paulo Tejo
Entry by : Joaquín Madera Gil
Pound of flesh by : Michael C. Peterson
Counter and offense by : Jimmy Dunsford
V help drill by : Derek Kisling
Gate keeper by : Scott Hirsch
2 line shooting by : Nikki
3 on 2 with trailer by : Timothy Larsen
Rotating umbrella by : Mark Young
Double helix by : Chris Shore
Defending man advantage 4-2 by : Steve Long
Mobile power play by : Gabriel Geanta
Mass chaos by : Kyle Snyder

Plays and drills can be downloaded at the download page.

Submitting additional plays and drills to waterpolo jes-soft.com is very much appreciated. Received plays and drills will become part of the database and published on this website.

Last update : 11-04-2014
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