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Playname: Rotating umbrella
The basis of this offense is to pull the defensive player out if position leaving an opening for a quick shot.

How it Works:
• The shooters 2 and 3 must line up at the wings and prepare for a pass.
• Shooter 4 positions for a whole set.
• Shooters 5,6,7 form an arc in front of the whole man.
• Shooter 5 or 7 can have the ball (depending on direction you will be moving. For this drill shooter 7 has the ball.)

Shooter 7 will pass to 6, then drive towards the whole position.
Shooter 6 moves towards shooters 7 position.

Shooter 5 moves towards shooters 6 position.

Shooter 4 moves towards shooters 5 position.
While shooter 7 is driving shooter 6 makes a pass, a quick catch and shoot can be made or shooter 7 can pass to shooter 4 who can take a long shot.
When performed quickly the goal keeper would be out of position leaving a opening in the goal.
Play submitted by: Mark Young

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