Water polo plays and drills
Pass and shoot
Playname: 1-0 whole court
Needed: 2 keepers, 2 goals, whole court, enough balls and players.

Start positions: Keepers in the goal, players make couples (attacker defender & vice versa), which go to 2 opposing corners of the court. All balls are in the corners and the attacking player starts to cross the court with a defender behind him at an "appropriate" distance. The attacker has to score.....

One can adapt the exercise to the experience and conditional level of the players by changing the start position of the couples (for instance instead of whole -, half court), adapting the advantage of the attackers when starting or by setting a maximum for the number of misses.
Goals of the exercise:
• conditional, players have to swim across the whole court during the exercise and if they shoot lousy even several times
• mental/tactical, the pressure is on the attacking player to score, otherwise he becomes defender. Also the exercise is meant to practice fast switching from attack to defense.
• 1 The attacking player scores, the couple moves to the next corner to wait for their turn.
• 2 The attacking player does not make the goal, the defender becomes attacker and vice versa. The couple has to cross the whole court again to the goal at the other side. They get a new ball passed to the attacker by observing players waiting in either corner. And again if the players score or miss the same rules apply (1 and 2) until one of them scores.....

Submitted by: Jorn de Haan
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