Water polo plays and drills
Counter attack
Playname: 3 on 2 with trailer
1. Offense lines up in a row of 3 at the 5-6m line.  

Two defenders line up in between them, with the trailer behind O1.  

Goalie begins drill with the ball.

2. O1 swims down center of pool.

O2 and O3 wing out towards side of pool to receive outlet pass from the goalie.

D1 and D2 swim follow O1.

3. Goalie makes outlet to O2 or O3.
4. Trailer follows play after pass completed.
5. O1 and O3 angle towards strong side, creating a passing angle for the approach pass from O2.

D3 continues to trail.

O2 passes to O1.
6. O1 takes a shot or feeds to O3 or O2 for a shot.
Submitted by: Timothy Larsen
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