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Playname: Mass chaos
The purpose of this play is to confuse the defense so much with position changes that at least one man is left open.   

Start with the regular setup.  
The number 3 position will pass the ball to either Number 2 or Number 1.  If the ball is passed to the 2 position the ball will then be passed to the number one position.  The 1 position in order to receive the ball will pull out to the 4-meter line maybe a little farther depending on pools in order to receive the pass.
1 will be the player who will need to be strong enough to hold onto the ball and read the field.
Once the ball is passed to 2 or 1 the 3 position will sprint into the set position.  

The 6 position will sprint and attempt to pick the 5 positions defense while drawing his defense with him to make a 2 on 1 situation.  6 should then pull back to the outside of the pool to allow as much room inside as possible.  

5 will drive to the 4 position while 4 makes a cross-court sprint to the one position on the 2m line.  

The 2 position will do the same maneuver to the opposite side of the field.  The shot should come from players 2, 3, or 4.
Submitted by: Kyle Snyder
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