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Man advantage
Playname: Mobile power play
Starting from a classical 4-2 position, pass the ball fast, without fixing, from left to right.
When the ball arrives back to the right inter, he moves while fixing, to the right.
The left inter follows and arrives in the central position of the second line, making place for the left-pall player to come out in a clear 3-3.
The player of the first (right) pall takes his place, moving on 2m front of the other pall.
When the ball arrives to the central player, he gives the sign for starting the action.
The ball goes to the right wing (preferably right handed player) and the right inter swims direction of first pall only until 3 meters.
Counting on the attention of the middle defender for the swimming player, the wing takes the ball very fast deep into the 2m.
The pass goes, contrary to defender's expectation, high on the second pall player, which has a simple formality to put the ball in the empty goal.
Submitted by: Gabriel Geanta
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