Water polo plays and drills
Playname: Open the center drive
Players start in a standard umbrella formation, with the ball at the opposite flat from the intended driver (Best case scenario sets the play up with a drive that is both ball-side and strong-side)
The hole-set pushes their defender to the far post, creating space for the driver to fill.

The wing position closest to the ball may find it helpful to curl up a bit, to prevent their defender from jumping a pass to the driver.

The driver gains ball side and drives towards the opposite post. The pass can come at any point during the drive, and may be dry or wet (although preferably dry timing) according to what is most appropriate/effective. If the pass is not there (or the passer is delayed), the play continues.
After completing the drive, the driver and hole-set set up a double hole-set offense on the posts, and the passer can hopefully set one of these players.
Submitted by: Chris Falkenrath
Sub category: Passing

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