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Defense zone
Playname: Three man zone
Three Man Zone.
The basis of this defence is to stop a strong
Centre Forward and to force long shots.
For this defence you need a good goalkeeper (espically long shots).
Mobile players.
Team Work.
How it Works:
The defenders 2 and 7 must Full Press and be in passing lanes.
Defenders 3,4,5 are the dropping defenders to steal the ball if it is play in, to assist goalkeeper in blocking shots.
If Attacker 3 has the ball:
Defenders 2 and 7 are full press in passing lanes.
Defender is closing down attacker 3 with arm raised to cover near corner shot!
Defender 4 is back covering the pass into the centre forward.
Defender 5 is still covering fairly close to attacker 5 to stop cross pass.
If Attacker 4 has the ball:
Defenders 2 and 7 are full press and in passing lanes.
Defenders 3 and 5 are dropping back to help centre back.Defender 5 drops a little further than defender 3.
Defender 4 is moving up to close down attacker 4 and blocking the shot to the goalies right.
If attackers 3, 4, and 5 are pushed out to far DON'T follow them as it will be to hard to help the centre back out.
If Attacker 5 has the ball:
Defender 3 is fairly tight to stop the quick cross pass.
Defender 4 is dropping back to stop pass into centre forward.
Defender 5 is moving out and blocking the near corner shot.
Submitted by: Tom Ashton
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